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The Ultimate Sacrifice
Colchester, Vermont - March 29, 2006

"He always had a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances were and he was ready for anything," says Capt. Jeff Roosevelt, who served with Sgt. First Class Tom Stone in Afghanistan. "He always looked out for his brothers."

Stone was a soldier, a medic and a mentor-- known to all as "Doc" or "Stoney." He was killed Tuesday in Afghanistan.

"I have to announce the loss of an another Green Mountain Boy," Vt. National Guard Maj. Gen. Martha Rainville said at a press conference Wednesday night.

Stone, 52, of Tunbridge, was training members of the Afghan National Army when he was attacked by Taliban militants. He was on his third rotation in Afghanistan. Rainville said Stone felt he was making a difference: "His service was summed up, I'd like to share with you a sentence from his last citation. 'Sgt. Stone's fearlessness, his warrior spirit, his calming demeanor under extreme duress belay his compassion and innate resolve to ease the suffering of innocents in this desperate nation.'"

"It didn't surprise me when you heard he was out in front leading the way, that's who he was," says Roosevelt.

Roosevelt says Stone was committed to his mission and the soldiers he served with: "He was 100% dedicated. When he set up medical clinics, he made sure they were run properly and in a clean, sterile environment. You don't realize how many people he affected by doing that until you show up and see hundreds of people, hundreds of Afghans, lined up to be cared for by Sgt. Stone and his Afghan national army counterparts."

Stone was born in Pomfret and joined the military after graduating from Woodstock Union High School. One interesting note about his life-- he took a break from the service to walk around the world.

Stone leaves behind his longtime partner, Rose Loving of Tunbridge. He also has a sister in Florida.

Kate Duffy - Channel 3 News


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